Sunday, 6 April 2014

Spring Summer Trends 2014

It's Spring - YAY! Thats means its time for a whole new wardrobe of course. And if you are getting new clothes obviously you need new make up too! 
So here is a little post of the top make up trends this summer. And unlike every summer post you ever see mine is set in an autumnal looking park - whoops!

Black Eyeliner
The first look is one that is popular all the time but was big on the catwalk this season - Black eyeliner. Stella McCartney told Vogue that this season we are wearing this trend with a rebellious style. Also note: the side braid is also a top trend!

Aqua and Lilac eyes
The colours you should be wearing on your eyes are Aqua and Lilac. Even if they do make you look like you have been punched in the eyes like they do on me, wear them! These rainbow colours are very summery and colourful and will make your eyes stand out.

Orange lips 
The lip colour this season is orange. A very warm colour that makes your lips stand out. Orange lips can be worn very similarly to red lips and can be worn night or day!

White eyeliner
This is the slightly strange one. White eyeliner. This was spotted on the catwalks this season. But you don't need to wear it like that. Be creative and incorporate it in with your black eyeliner. An example of this is Illamasqua speckled eyeliner look.

Model - Sian Perry
Make Up- Megan Tarplee
Photographer - Antony Nickolls

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