Saturday, 12 April 2014

Reckless Beauty heads to Amsterdam PART 2

So yesterday you saw my two favourite cosmetics places in Amsterdam, but don't worry - there was plenty more! One very interesting shop we visited was DA. They had LOADS of make up for sale. It was very much like their version of Boots or Superdrug and there were loads of offers on.

Here is a look at just half of the make up they had for sale. 

One of my brilliant finds in this store was a copy of naked for only €6. It even had a 'naked' name! 'In the Buff'.


As you can see the colours and look of the palette are incredibly similar to Naked 2. Annoyingly they didn't have any testers so I couldn't see if it was actually any good. Didn't really fancy buying something I had a potentially better version of already.

Flormar was another make up shop that appeared in the main shopping street, from the outside it appeared to be a professional make up shop - but inside the prices were very cheap and the products appeared to reflect these prices. There was a great selection of colours though, and had  I had more money and suitcase space I probably would have bought a few bits to test.

They also had some interesting nail polishes. Again lots of colours and they also had a lot of top coats with different designs in such as sparkles etc.

Rituals was another shop I spotted. It looked more like a skin care cosmetics shop but I didn't get chance to go in.

So overall Amsterdam was a great location for cosmetics which I completely did not expect. If any of you beauty lovers are heading there soon, make sure you take a little more spending money for these shops as I really wish I had!

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