Thursday, 24 April 2014

Sleek Contour Kit

Recently I purchased the Sleek make up contour kit - the light one of course as I am still the palest person around. I usually struggle with contouring as I am so pale the darker shades tend to look rather orange on me. However, I was pretty happy will the look this kit gave. The kit has a contouring powder and then a highlighter.
 I love highlighters - especially under the eyebrows! (You may have seen in my recent tutorial video). 
I apply the contour on my cheekbones, nose and temples and then highlight the cheeks nose and cupids bow. 
The only problem I have with the kit is that I have fairly dry skin and after a few hours the darker powder leaves horrible patches on my skin. 
You can get the Sleek Contour kit in Superdrug stores or online here. It's a bargain at £6.49!

I use my Illamasqua contour brush to apply

My eyes look really strange in this one - just ignore that

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