Thursday, 10 April 2014

Reckless Beauty heads to Amsterdam PART 1

This week I took an exciting trip to the capital of the Netherlands - Amsterdam. I have to admit I was a bit naive of what to expect. In my head I thought it was going to be a small 'pretty' city with a few boring shops, a lot of drugs and the odd prostitute. On my return I realise I couldn't be more wrong and it has now become one of my absolute favourite places. I set out on a mission to discover the cosmetics available in Amsterdam and was completely surprised, not only can you get most of the big brands over there that we get over in England, there is SO MANY cosmetics shops. 

One of my first spots was a MAC shop (I can spot them a mile off!) and it was even a MAC PRO store...

The most noticeable cosmetics shop I found that we don't have in the UK is 'Douglas'

These shops were scattered around the city, there was a big one on the main shopping street though.
This shop sold big brands such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, and also other brands I hadn't really heard of before.

Black up was a brand that I hadn't heard of before but after giving it a bit of research I see it is available from Debenhams. The brand is French and created for ethnic skin tones. Some of the colours were beautiful. You can check out the brand here.

Art Deco is a German cosmetics brand (their stand was unfortunately rather messy), I feel like I recognise the logo but I'm sure sure whether I just recognise the font. Check them out here.

Beyu is a German brand that you can't get over in the UK. This make up kind of reminded me of The Natural Collection make up from boots. Have a look at their website here.


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