Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Grammys and BAFTAS - My Favourite Looks

 The Grammys - 15th February 2016 

Firstly, I would like to say, as much as I like her music, there was no way Taylor was going to make it onto my list, I thought she looked ridic. As for her hair, we won't even go there....
My top 4 are
Selena Gomez  - I just love her dress. I love the colour and I love the glitter effect. In my opinion she doesn't look like she died too hard like a lot of the celebs did.
Kaley Cuoco - because I love her hair and because she is just pretty cool isn't she?
Adele - I just love Adele and she had to be on my list, okay.
Anna Kendrick - she just proves you can be pale and pretty. Being pale is one of my biggest struggles in life - first world problems ya know!

The BAFTA Film Awards - 14th February 2016

Oh hi Leo.. Glad you could make it. 

So the BAFTAS had much more glamour in my opinion. 

My top 4 had to be
Kate Winslet - I thought she looked amazing. I have been a huge Kate fan since Titanic, and if I look like her when I am her age then I will be more than happy.
Isla Fisher - Seems to be posing a bit weird in all her photos, but I love her hair (colour and style) and her make up.
Gemma Chan - Both hair and dress look beautiful.
Julianne Moore - I love this dress. Another simple but striking look.