Friday, 8 January 2016

Happy New Year

Its the beginning of January and we are all a little depressed that Christmas is over. January is the month everyone claims will be the start of a 'new person', but really we are all exactly the same as before.

Last year I made a resolution to 'say yes' more often. And I was successful. I ate food I had never tried before, and went to places I had never been before.

This year I haven't set myself a resolution, but I have set myself tasks.

  • To learn how to poach an egg
  • To master the eyeliner flick on myself
  • To go on at least two holidays abroad
  • To move out of my parents house
  • To progress my career
If I can at least complete three items on my list I will be happy. 

A goal I have also set for 2016, is to educate myself on nutrition and how to look after the body. As someone that is always ill/tired/grumpy. I feel its about time I tried to do something about it. 
In December, I made the decision to cut out alcohol from my life (excluding special occasions).  I am also avoiding coffee (sometimes) and aiming for at least 8 hours sleep a night. 
For Christmas I received a good selection of books to help me with my goal. Hopefully I will actually use them. 
  • Lean in 15 
  • Made by Millie Macintosh
  • Khloe Kardashian
  • Jamie Oliver Superfood 

As I get to use the books more I will review them and let you know whether they are worth the buy. 

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