Thursday, 7 January 2016

2015 Top 10

1. Justin Beiber - When did Justin become so cool? How did I become a Belieber? As someone that has also had a strong dislike for Beiber, I was a little ashamed to grow to love him in 2015. Now I'm an open and honest fan. I even got his CD (yes, old school) for Christmas! Sorry and Love Yourself are my current faves and I even follow him on Insta - the shame!

2. Byron Burger - I think I'm a little behind with the times here. But this year I discovered Byron Burger! I had seen it about in London but never visited, but then we got one in Exeter which is a lot more local to me, and now I'm hooked. When my boyfriend took me to London for my birthday I even chose Byron as my birthday dinner! The Byron Burger, the milkshakes, the mac and cheese!! I wish they delivered!

3. Post Office Gift Card - My new favourite type of gift card. I hate the restrictions of store gift cards. You can guarantee, if you get a Topshop gift card, you're probably going to want something in River Island. And if you get cash, it is spent on food or petrol - boring! This gift card can be used in all the big high street stores so you can get exactly what you want! I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a gift!

4. Hannah Gale - My favourite blogger of the year. I love all her posts and her writing style never fails to make me laugh. Hannah is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and if you're not following her already, I suggest you check out her blog! She also just released a sweater range, and yes I did ask for one for Christmas. And she did tell me I looked cute in it *fangirl moment*.

5. Lidl - I think there used to be a bit of a bad stigma about Lidl and Aldi but suddenly we are all realising its greatness. We don't have an Aldi where I live but we do have two Lidls - lucky us. Its amazing how cheap their items are and they have some different things to the main supermarkets. You queue a little longer at the checkouts, but who cares! I love Lidl.

6. Pandora Rings  - I have never really been a fan of Pandora until this year when I discovered their rings. After being dragged in their for like the 5th time by my friend in one week, I decided to browse, and I instantly fell in love with the rings. This year I have gained too. The tiara ring - because I'm a princess - duh. And the bow ring, just because its pretty.

7. Christmas - The first year I haven't had to work at Christmas. Now I work in education, I got 2 weeks off and it was amazing. Okay, so I was ill for a week of it, but it was still nice to relax and actually enjoy Christmas to its full potential. Also this year was the first year I was able to buy proper gifts as I have previously been a student (last year I was in debt still from travelling so that doesn't count). This year it was amazing to be able to put more thought into my gifts and actually be able to buy things people want.

8. Iphone 6s Plus - My new toy. I was initially worried it would be too big, but its not. As someone that never puts a phone in a pocket, and always in a bag, the sae doesn't bother me at all. Its got a great screen, a great camera, and it just looks pretty.

9. Kylie Jenner - A controversial choice I'm sure, but I wish I was Kylie Jenner. I'm just gunna leave it at that.

10. GHD Styling Wand - I'm a huge fan of curling my hair, so when my hairdresser showed me this wand, I was instantly obsessed. I got this wand for Christmas and I love it already. They heat up so quickly, the curl so well and they even look cool. GHD are up there with packaging winners. Pictures coming soon.

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