Thursday, 28 January 2016

A Day at the Museum

Last weekend, I was privileged with the company of some of my Uni friends. For a change, rather than me having to travel miles, everyone came to my home town - which seemed like a great idea, until I remember there isn't really anything to do in my home town.

After meeting up half an hour behind schedule - completely not my fault for once, we went for a burger in a town centre pub. The came the dreaded question - "What shall we do now?". I had no idea. We have shops - but we were all a bit skint. Theres a park - but it was cold. The list went on.
As we started walking out, one of my friends spotted the museum, and the most attractive part about it - the free entry sign. I'd not been there since I was a little girl, so we thought we would pop in. I was amazed about how far back the history went. I was reading signs that said Somerset was once a desert, and seeing pots and mosaics that claimed to be from 100BC. There is that cynical side of me that looks at these things and questions whether they are really that old and how anyone would know that.

I was quite amazed at how interesting some things in there were and also how big it was. I didn't think my boring little home town would have much to offer history wise, but I was very wrong. We spent a good hour or two wandering round.

The museum was free, but there were boxes for donations as you walk in and out. Overall it was an unexpectedly interesting day out, and if you're ever feeling bored - head to your local museum and you may be pleasantly surprised.

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